UFO: Aftermath F.A.Q.
(Version 1.1 from 11.11.2003)

1. About the game
2. Strategic game
3. Soldiers
4. Tactical game
5. Technical details

1 About the game
1.1 Who is developer of UFO: Aftermath?
UFO: Aftermath was developed by ALTAR interactive, developers of puzzle game Fish Fillets and real-time strategy Original War.

1.2 Who is publisher of UFO: Aftermath?
UFO: Aftermath was published worldwide by Cenega Publishing with exception of United States, where UFO: Aftermath was published together with Tri Synergy.

1.3 What genre is UFO: Aftermath?
UFO: Aftermath is a squad based tactical strategy with strong RPG and strategic elements.

1.4 What kind of system is used in the game?
UFO: Aftermath brings you simultaneous turn-based combat, which combines the best of the real-time and turn-based combat systems.

1.5 When was UFO: Aftermath released?
UFO: Aftermath was released in October 2003.

1.6 Is there a demo available?
The demo is available from October 2003 at official homepage.

1.7 Is UFO: Aftermath a sequel to the X-COM series of games?
UFO: Aftermath is not a sequel to the X-COM series. However, UFO: Aftermath also deals with fighting off an alien invasion.

1.8 Is there a multiplayer option in the game?
UFO: Aftermath is single player experience, thus there is no multiplayer in the game.

1.9 What about replay value?
The game engine is capable of generating missions in random. As such, no game, nor mission, should be exactly the same. Player can also choose where to start the game, thus the strategy of finishing the game is different in each case.

2 Strategic game
2.1 What kinds of missions will we get?
There is plenty of mission types, including:
o Searching shot down UFO's
o Acquiring specific artifacts
o Gaining new territory
o Securing occupied bases
o Protecting territory from enemy incursion
o Hunting live transgenants
o Rescuing missions
o Destroying installations
o And much more

2.2 How the research works?
There is about 70 different technologies and advancements you can research/develop in the game. The speed of research will be dependant on how many bases you control, and how many of those are geared towards research.

2.3 What kinds of bases are there?
There are four different kinds of bases you can convert to:
o Military
o Research
o Engineering
o Biomass repulsion

2.4 How about UFO interceptions?
Player can intercept UFOs after developing UFO radar system.

3 Soldiers
3.1 How many soldiers will we have at our disposal?
You can bring a maximum number of 7 soldiers with you on a tactical mission. You will need a broad range of skills to succeed however, so you will probably end up having much more soldiers at your disposal.

3.2 What skills can be improved?
There are 6 core statistics, from which the skill values derive. These statistics are:
· Strength
· Agility
· Dexterity
· Willpower
· Intelligence
· Perception
Raising Willpower should for example make the soldier more resistant to PSI influence, raising his Strength will make him able to carry more, etc. The skills list includes:
· Marksmanship
· Rifles
· Handguns
· Launchers
· Throwing
· Psi power
· Hit points
· Speed
· Dodging
· Observation
· Stealth
· Aliens
· Medical
· Capacity

3.3 Will there be any A.I. for soldiers?
Soldiers will not have pre-programmed or scripted reactions to events that occur during a mission, and will only do a task when specifically ordered to. For example, a soldier will not defend himself when he comes under fire, unless ordered to do so.

4 Tactical game
4.1 What kinds of enemies are in the game?
There is more than 25 different kinds of enemies, both alien and mutations.

4.2 How many weapons will be in UFO: Aftermath, and what kinds?
There is 70 weapons in the game, out of which there are about 42 human, 14 hybrid and 14 purely alien weapons including psi technology. There is also more than 10 different kinds of armours in the game.

4.3 How is ammunition for the different weapons handled?
To make things easily understandable, UZI has an UZI magazine, a G3 rifle a G3 magazine, etc. There is not an option to change bullets around between different guns, even of the same calibre, however there are several different kinds of ammunition for rocket launchers or different types of grenades.

4.4 Are there any vehicles in the game?
UFO: Aftermath focus on small squad combat situation, thus there are no vehicles in the game.

4.5 What kinds of terrain are in UFO: Aftermath?
There is different flora depending on where the mission takes place on the planet, as well as different architecture of the buildings on the different continents. In addition to this come natural variables like time of day, base and UFO interiors, etc.

5 Technical details
5.1 What are the system requirements?
The minimum requirements are:
Windows 98/2000/XP
Pentium III 500 MHz
128 MB RAM
GeForce 2 MX video card with minimum 32 MB onboard RAM
8x speed CD-ROM
DirectX certified sound card
1.25 GB free HD space

Suggested system for optimum performance is:
Pentium III 1 GHz
256 MB RAM
GeForce 3 with 64 MB onboard RAM
5.2 What is the resolution?
The supported resolution in UFO: Aftermath is 1024x768.

Many thanks to Oystein "PlacidDragon" Andersen for creating original FAQ list!